Tomislav Ketig – Corresponding Member

Tomislav Ketig – Corresponding Member


In 2018 Mr. Ketig made serious investigation in the history of Danube Germans – Schwabs. For his contribution in memorizing the history of Schwabs who lived at the teritory of Vojvodina he was awarded by the Foundation „Zavicajna kuca“ on the celebration organized in Sremska Kamenica.

During 2018 he was working on the social-hystoric study entitled:

Vojvodina – A province with special geopolitis and civilization.

He published it in the Proceedings of the Vojvodina’s club in Novi Sad and gave a lecture at the conference: 100 years of Vojvodina in Serbia (1918-2018).

Proceedings paper

  • Ketig, Vojvodina – A province with special geopolitis and civilization, Conf.: 100 years of Vojvodina in Serbia (1918-2018), June 2018.

2016 and 2017

Tomislav Ketig was the Corresponding Member of the Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts. He was the Editor in Chief of the Encyclopedia of Vojvodina, member of the International Society of Writers PEN, member of the Society of Writers of Vojvodina, Croatian Society of Writers, and the member and selector of the American Biographical Institute (ABI) for Serbia. During these two years he published even two books which obtained very good critics.


  • Ketig, T., Razgovor s usudom, Matica hrvatska, Zagreb, 2016.
  • Ketig, T., Karusel raspetih, Prometej, Novi Sad, 2016.