Academician Radomir Folic – Secretary General

Academician Radomir Folic – Secretary General

Corresponding member of the ASAV, Radomir Folic, PhD. professor emeritus, Dr. h. c.

  • Since 2000, regular member of the Yugoslav Academy of Engineering, now Engineering Academy of Serbia, and its president (2007-2010). Since 2013, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Vojvodina. Awarded by the Higher School of Civil Engineering “Lyuben Karavelov” (Sofia) in 2007 with the title of honorary doctorate (Dr. h. c.), and in 2011 with the “Cyril and Methodius” charter.
  • Born on 12th April 1940 in Šaptej – Dečani. He graduated in 1963, acquired his Master of Science degree in 1974 on the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb and his doctorate degree in 1983 on the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade.
  • Full professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTS) since 1988 and professor emeritus of the University of Novi Sad since 2008.
  • He delivered lectures at undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the field of Concrete Structures (Theory and CS I and II). Now he delivers lectures on subjects of Concrete Bridges, Masonry Structures (for students of civil engineering), and Methodology of Scientific Research (for students of architecture) for the master’s degree. He arranged several subjects for students of civil engineering and architecture. He has also held lectures at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica, Technical Faculty in Zrenjanin, and the University of Tuzla. He also delivers lectures on the subject of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics in addition to the Methodology of Scientific Research for students of Doctoral studies at Faculty of Technical Sciences and Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Nis.
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Research Areas:

Theory of structures; Earthquake engineering; Behaviour of concrete structures under long-term loading; Precast concrete structures; Inspection, assessment and intervention to buildings; Special foundation structures and studying the structure-foundation-soil interaction. Alone or as a co-author he published about 700 scientific and academic papers in journals and proceedings, five books, three monographs, 25 chapters in publications and he is the editor of a number of academic publications. He has held several introductory lectures by invitation to domestic and international conferences. According to data from scientific record, in 2004/5 he has had the highest index of scientific competence at the University in Novi Sad. His scientific/technical and pedagogical work has been awarded with numerous recognitions: Charter of the University of Novi Sad in 1990; Award for his creative and scientific work in the IMS-Institute Belgrade in 1993 and for the best scientific work of Yugoslav Assoc. of Structural Eng. (YASE) in 1998; Golden badge for the creative contribution to the dissemination of culture (awarded by the Cultural and Educational Association of Serbia in 1999); Charter for lifetime achievement in civil engineering (awarded by the YASE) in 2002; Gold plaquette for lifetime achievement in the field of technical and technological sciences, awarded by University teachers and researchers of Serbia in 2005; recognition of the FTS for exceptional achievements in the field of scientific research in 2006; Lifetime Achievement Award In Recognition of Outstanding and Distinguished International Service in the field of Structural Engineering and Non-Destructive Testing, Edinburgh, UK, June 2010 (published in Bridge Design and Engineering, August 2010), and several recognitions awarded by professional associations. He has 287 citations in the Scopus database and 32 citations in the SCI database (May 2013), as well as several citations of his works and technical solutions in books. His index of competence, without including projects, is 973.5 (May, 2013).


Selected Publications

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Other Important Information

He mentored 520 graduate theses, 17 doctoral dissertations and 22 masters of Sciences theses. He was Dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences (1986-88), in several mandates Director of the Institute/Department of Civil Engineering, Head of the Department of Materials and Structures and the Department of Architecture. Between 1996 and 2000 he was President of the Association Faculties of Civil Engineering of Yugoslavia. Since 2002, he is President of the Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians of Yugoslavia, now Civil Engineers of Serbia. He organized a multitude of scientific and professional conferences and was the editor of their proceedings. Since 2002, he is the editor-in-chief of scientific journal Building materials and structures and member of editorial boards of several domestic and international journals. He is the co-author of the Patent for supporting, repairing and/or reinforcing concrete beams using braces and prestressed tendons (Patent Document 48806, Yug. Inst. of Stand.). He was a member of the Technical Committee of Damage classification of concrete DCC 104, of the International Association of Materials and Construction Research (1987-1992). He is the author of several technical solutions and methodologies for inspecting and assessing facilities that have found their application in practice, and 102 structures were realized based on his construction projects. Projects and facilities where he is the author and/or structural engineer are presented in numerous journals, books and exhibitions. In addition to designing structures of civil engineering, he also participated in their construction and supervision. He has also actively worked (and continues to do so) on performing technical controls on projects. He was invited to give lectures at the Budapest University of Technology (1988 and 1992), Poznan University of Technology (Poland, 1989), as well as in Reykjavik (1989), Munich (1990), Kosice (1991), Haifa (1992), and the Mc-Gill University of Montreal (2004). Entries of him were published in 13-28 editions of the Marquis Who’s Who in the World. In 1998, the Serbian Broadcast Corporation, in its series called “First-person science”, has made a thirty-minute film about him called “Concrete with soul.”


Membership in professional organizations

He is an active member of the following organizations: American Concrete Institute (ACI), International Association for Bridges and Structural Engineering (IABSE), Association of Structural Engineers of Serbia (president 1989-1994), Society for materials and structures testing, Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Society for Earthquake Engineering of Serbia and a delegate to the European Society.