Prof. dr Ferenc Gaal – Full Member (1941-2011)

Prof. dr Ferenc Gaal – Full Member (1941-2011)

  • Corresponding Member of the Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2004.
  • Full Member of the Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2010.
  • Born in Ada, on 4 August 1941. Graduated in 1964, at the Faculty of Technology in Belgrade, obtained his master’s degree in 1968, obtained his doctorate in 1977 in Chemical Sciences at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Belgrade.
  • Full Professor at the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad (retired).
  • E-mail:

Areas of Research

Chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical aspects of environmental protection (catalytic methods of analysis; electrochemical sensors; inter-element effects research; automation of analytical methods; expert systems; analysis of pharmaceutical products, food, water, air, admixtures, soil, biological material, archaeological findings, pesticides, mycotoxins etc.

Selected Publications

  1. Vajgand V. J., Gaál F. F.: Determination of Tertiary Amines and Salts of Organic Acids in Acetic Acid by Catalytic Thermometric Titration, Talanta, 14 (1967) 345-351.
  2. Vajgand V. J., Gaál F. F., Brusin S. S.: Catalytic Thermometric Titrations in Non-Aqueous Solvents by Coulometrically Generated Titrant, Talanta, 17 (1970) 415-421.
  3. Gaál F. F., Siriški J. S., Jovanović M. S., Branovački B. Đ.: Coulometric Determination of Weak Bases Applying Bismuth Electrode Pair for the End-Point Detection, Z. Anal. Chem., 260 (1972) 361-363.
  4. Gaál F. F., Avramović B. Đ., Vajgand V. J.: Application of the Aldehyde Reactions for the Endpoint Detection in the Catalytic Thermometric Titration of Acids, Microchem. J., 27 (1982) 231-239.
  5. Gaál F. F., Abramović B. F.: Contributions to the Theory of Catalytic Titrations-I. Complexometric Catalytic Titrations, Talanta, 31 (1984) 987-996.
  6. Gaál F. F.: Catalytic Titrations, Plenary Lecture, Analyst, 112 (1987) 739-751.
  7. Abramović B. F., Gaál F. F., Kurunczi É. K.: Application of Computers for Optimisation of End-Point Determination in Catalytic Titrimetry, Analyst, 115 (1990) 715-720.
  8. Gaál F., Szöllősy I., Arnold M., Paulik F.: Determination of the Organic Matter, Metal Carbonate and Mobile Water in Soils. Simultaneous TG, DTG, DTA and EGA Techniques, Journal of Thermal Analysis, 42 (1994) 1007-1016.
  9. Abramović B. F., Bjelica L. J., Gaál F. F., Guzsvány V. J., Jovanović Lj. S.: Some Electrochemical Characteristics of Boron-and Phosphorus-Doped Glassy Carbon Electrodes, Electroanal., 15 (2003) 878-884.
  10. Abramović B. F., Anderluh V. B., Topalov A. S., Gaál F. F.: Titanium dioxide mediated photocatalytic degradation of 3-amino-2-chloropyridine, Appl. Catal. B: Environ. 48 (2004) 213-221.

Faculty Lectures

Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad, Lectures

Instrumental Analysis I-II, Selected Chapters of Analytical Chemistry, Selected Methods in Instrumental Analysis.

Other Relevant Information

Has 146 papers published. Has more than 695 citations (454 hetero-citations and 241 self-citations). Recipient of the 1990 Plaque for Science and Informatics of AP Vojvodina, for science. Married and a father of three (Ildikó, Anna, Ferenc).


Honorary Member of the Serbian Chemical Society- Chemical Society of Vojvodina since 2001, and the Serbian Chemical Society since 2001.

Member of the Hungarian Scientific Association of Vojvodina.

Council Member of the Hungarian College for Higher Education in Vojvodina

External Member of the Public Body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2001.