Prof. Dr. Srbislav Dencic – Full-Member

Prof. Dr. Srbislav Dencic – Full-Member

  • Full-Member of the Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2013 (Corresponding Member of since 2004) and Corresponding Member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia since 2004.
  • Born in Inđija, on 29 July 1953. Graduated in 1979, obtained his master’s degree in 1984, obtained his doctoral degree in 1989, at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad.
  • Scientific Advisor at the Institute for Field and Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad.
  • E-mail:

Areas of Research

Genetics and breeding of small grains (bread wheat, durum wheat, spelt wheat, Triticale); genetic determination of important attributes of wheat with methods of classic and contemporary biotechnology (microsatellites); genetic resources, gene banks, wheat collections. He published 224 papers in international and domestic journals, three chapters in international monographs, two chapters in two domestic monographs. He delivered approximately 40 lectures at international conferences. Author and co-author of 71 types of small grain registered in our country and 5 types of winter grain registered in foreign countries. He is the recipient of the 2000 October Award of the City of Novi Sad.

Selected Publications and Patents

  1. Denčić S. 1998: The Role of Genebank in Evaluating PRG. In: Gass,T., Frese,L., Begemann,F, and Lipman,E, (compilers): Implementation of the Global Plan of Action in Europe – Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agric. Germany, pp. 163-171.
  2. Denčić S., Kastori R., Kobiljski B. and Duggan B., 2000: Evaluation of grain yield and its components in wheat cultivars and landraces under near optimal and drought conditions. Euphytica, Vol. 113 (1), pp. 43-52.
  3. Denčić S., Koenig J., Pržulj N., 2001: Genetic resources of small grain crops. In: Quarrie, S., Janjić K., Atanassov A., Knežević D, Stojanović S (eds.) Genetic and Breeding of Small Grains, Monography, Pub. by ARI – SERBIA, Belgrade, pp. 83-118.
  4. Denčić S. 2001: The Yugoslav Wheat Pool. In: Bonjean, A, and Angus, W (eds.) The World Wheat Book. A History of Wheat Breeding. Lavoisier publishing, Paris, France, 377-403.


  1. Denčić S., Borojević S, i Rončević P., 1994: by the decree of the Federal Ministry of Economics, no. 4/0-01 – 009/014, accepted the type of winter wheat RENESANSA 2. Denčić S. i Borojević S. 1993: by the decree of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture no. 2/0-04-068/005 accepted the type of winter wheat RUSIJA
  2. Denčić S., Borojević S. i Rončević P. 1995: by the decree of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture no. 4/0-01-03/012 accepted the type of winter wheat PESMA
  3. Denčić S. i Kobiljski B., 1998: by the decree of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, no. 4/008-075/005, accepted the type of  spring durum wheat DURUMKO
  4. Denčić S. i Kobiljski B., 2003: by the decree of Ministry of Agriculture and Waterpower Engineering of the Republic of Serbia, no. 320-04-178-129-11/2003-04, accepted the type of winter Triticale ODISEJ

Faculty Lectures

Breeding of Small Grains, postgraduate studies, Department of Genetics at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad and Organism Breeding, Faculty of Sciences, Novi Sad.

Other Relevant Information

Editor of the national journal “Selekcija i semenarstvo”, member of the Editorial Board of the “Zbornik radova Instituta za ratarstvo i povrtarstvo” journal, National Coordinator for Wheat Genetic Resources.


ECP/GR (European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources) Rome, Italy; CIMMYT, Mexico; ICARDA, Aleppo, Syria. Serbian Genetics Society, Serbian Association of Plant Breeding and Seed Production.