Prof. Dr. Nada Perišić-Janjić

Prof. Dr. Nada Perišić-Janjić

  • Corresponding Member of the Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2006.
  • Born in Petrovaradin, on 19 August 1942.
  • Graduated in 1965, Chemistry Group at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. Obtained her master’s degree in 1970, obtained doctoral degree in 1973 at the University of Novi Sad.
  • Full Professor, since 1984, at the Faculty of Sciences (retired).
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Areas of Research

Engaged in research of the field of physical, organic and analytical chemistry. She has positively evaluated, accepted and cited results in analytical chemistry, particularly chromatography, but also in the theory of chromatography, as well as in spectrophotometric techniques. She has 240 research units, out of which 150 are scientific papers (104 in international journals) and she has presented 90 papers at international and national symposia. Among the most cited chemists in Vojvodina (284 times according to the Science Citation Index) and the ones that have the greatest number of published papers in international journals. A large part of her research is dedicated to the physical-chemical testing and characterization of new compounds while using chromatography and spectrophotometric methods. Her work has been cited and her results reviewed in monographs and books famous world-wide, and some were noted, showed and cited in the books of the world’s leading companies for the production of chromatographic equipment. She published a tutorial with three extra textbooks.

Selected Publications

  1. Perišić-Janjić, N (2006): Opšta hemija. Nauka, Beograd, peto izdanje.
  2. Perišić – Janjić, N.U., Muk, A.A., Canić, V.D. (1973): Reaction of Lanthanum with Reagent Arsenazo‑p‑NO2. Anal. Chem., 45, 798‑801.
  3. Perišić‑Janjić, N., Petrović, S., Hadžić, P. (1976): Separation of Fat‑Soluble Vitamins by Thin‑Layer Chromatography. Chromatographia, 9, 130‑132.
  4. Perišić‑Janjić, N., Canić, V., Radosavljević, S. (1983): Separation of Different Valency States of Iron, Arsenic, Antimony, Mercury and Chromium by Thin‑Layer Chromatography. Chromato-graphia, 17, 454‑455.
  5. Perišić‑Janjić, N.U., Petrović, S.M., Podunavac, S. (1991): Thin‑Layer Chromatography of Metal Ions on a New Carbamide‑Formaldehyde Polimer. Chromatographia, 31, 281‑284.
  6. Đaković-Sekulić, T., Perišić-Janjić, N., Pyka, A. (2003): Correlation of Retention of Anilides and Some Molecular Descriptors. Application of Topological Indexes for Prediction of log k Values. Chromatographia, 58, 47-51.
  7. Perišić‑Janjić, N., Arman, L., Lazarević, M. (1997): Spectrophotometric Study of Protonation Process of Some n‑(4‑x‑phenylaminomethyl) –phthalimides. Spectroscopy Letters, 30, 1037‑1048.
  8. Malgorzata, J., Perišić-Janjić, N. U., Rozylo, J. K. (2004): Thin-Layer and Overpressured-Layer Chromatography for Evaluation of the Hydrophobicity of the s-Triazine Derivatives. J. Planar Chromatogr. 17:6 468-475.
  9. Perišić-Janjić, N. U., Đaković-Sekulić, T. Lj., Stojanović, S. Z., Penov‑Gaši, K. M. (2005): HPTLC Chromatography of Androstene Derivates. Application of Normal Phase Thin-Layer Chromatographic Retention Data in QSAR Studies. Steroids, 70, 137-144.
  10. Mijin, D. Ž., Ušćumlić, G. S., Perišić-Janjić, N. U., Valentić, N. V. (2006): Substituent and Solvent Effects on the UV/VIS Absorption Spectra of 5-(3- and 4-substituted arylazo)-4,6-dimethyl-3-cyano-2-Pyridones. Chemical Physics Letters, 418 223-229

Faculty Lectures

Lectures at the Faculties in Novi Sad

Faculty of Technology: General and Inorganic Chemistry, Undergraduate Studies (1973-1999), Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry, Graduate Studies (1973-1999)

Faculty of Sciences: Inorganic Chemistry (1974-1978), Chemistry for students of Ecology (since 1997), General and Inorganic Chemistry, for students of Molecular Biology (2001.), Selected Topics of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Postgraduate Studies.

Faculty of Medicine: General and Inorganic Chemistry (2000).

Other Relevant Information

Deputy Director of the Institute of Chemistry (1977-1979), Vice-Dean (1981-1983) and Dean (1983-1985). Since 1986 she is the Head of General and Inorganic Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Sciences. Member of the Editorial Board, Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences. Reviewer of various international science journals: Anal. Chem.,J AOAC INT, J. Chromatogr. A, Heteroatom Chemistry, J. Chem. Soc. Pakistan , J. Serb. Chem. Soc., Bull. Chem. Technol. Macedonia.

She is married and has a daughter, Nataša.


Member of the Serbian Chemical Society and the International Society for Planar Separations.