Prof. Dr. Slobodanka Latinović

Prof. Dr. Slobodanka Latinović

  • Corresponding Member of the Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2004, Head of the Department of Ophthalmology of the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad.
  • Born in Novi Sad, 29 November 1944. Graduated in 1968, at the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad, completed her Ophthalmology specialization in 1974, at the Clinic for Eye Diseases in Novi Sad, obtained her master’s degree in 1978, and obtained her doctorate in 1982, at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad.
  • Chief of the Vitreooretinal Surgery Department, at the Clinic for Eye Diseases of the Clinical Center in Novi Sad.
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Areas of Research

From the beginning of the eighties, she was one of the first in our country to introduce modern glaucoma and cataract eye surgery, retinal and vitreoretinal surgery in retinal disease and eye injury. Introducing various laser procedures (1986), all up to Excimer Laser in Refractive Surgery in 2002. In collaboration with the Mother and Child Healthcare Institute she introduced the Program for Early Detection and Treatment of Retinopathy in prematurely born infants in 1991. From 1996 to 2001 she executed the scientific project of Quality of Life and Risk Stratification as an original scientific measurement method of eye surgery results. She is part of the long-term European study of monitoring the results of cataract surgery (EUCOSG 1998-2004). Her basic scientific research is in the fields of morphophysiology, hemato-ocular barriers, autoregulation of intraocular pressure, and the disruptions of blood flow due to glaucoma. Numerous clinical research refers to contemporary surgical and laser therapy methods in the treatment of glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, retinal ablation, and eye injury. She has established a new, contemporary method of evaluation of postoperative results, not only through clinical criteria, but also through an objective evaluation of the patient’s subjective state in regards to eyesight and quality of life. Due to her stated involvement and work, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology grants her the title of Ophthalmology expert in 2002.

Selected Publications

  1. Latinović S, Virno M, Pecori-Giraldi J.: Morphodynamics of the Iris Circulation in Experimentally-Induced Changes in Intraocular Pressure. ( Fr.) Ophthalmologie 1988;2(5):419-22
  2. Latinović S.: Quality of Life after Intraocular Operations. Qual Life Res 1997;6(7-8):676/ab211
  3. Latinović S, Jakovljević Đ, Potić Z.: New Approaches and Methods for Assessing Quality of Life in Patients with Intraocular Surgery. Qual Life Res 1998;7(7):622
  4. Tomić Z, Pavlović S, Latinović S.: Surgical Treatment of Penetrating Ocular Injuries with Retained Intraocular Foreign Bodies. Eur J Ophthamol.1996;6:322-326
  5. Virno M, Pellegrino N, Pecori-Giraldi J, Latinović S.: Vascular Effects of Adrenergic Drugs and Their Action on Intraocular Pressure. (Gr.) Klin Monatsbl Augenheilkd 1977;170(4) :570-8 (12ref. )
  6. Latinović S, Masic V, Bursac S.: LASEK for Low to Moderate Ametropia. Ophthalmology, Monduzzi Editore 2003; 133-137
  7. Latinović S.: Practical Ophthalmology. Med.Fak.1990;

Lectures and Courses

Full Professor and the Head of Department at the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad, scientific field of Ophthalmology. Lectures and courses for students of general practice of medicine, dentistry, and foreign students. Organizer and practician of graduate level studies and specialization in Ophthalmology, Visiting Lecturer, upon invitation (Lugarno, Timisoara), International Vitreooretinal Surgery Course, Cataract Course, Phaco Courses (Bucharest 1999, ESCRS Vienna 1999, Budapest, Novi Sad 2002). Coordinator of the International Ophthalmology exam, for the entire country ICO 2001.

Other Relevant Information- Attendance of Courses

1975-1990. University Eye Clinic (La Sapienza), Rome, Italy (Prof G.B. Bietti, Prof. M. Pannarale)

1980. University Eye Clinic, Essen, Germany (Prof. Mayer Schwickerat)

1981-1998. Eye Hospital, Rotterdam, Holland and Middelheim Hospital, Antwerpen, Belgium – Department of vitreoretinal surgery (Dr. R. Zivojnovic)

1983. University Eye Clinic (Croix Rousse), Lyon, France (Prof. M. Bonnet)

1982. Rottchild Foundation-Eye Institute, Paris, France (Prof. A. Rosa)

Membership in Foreign and Domestic Associations

ISLD-DLV (since 1971- charter SLD), DOV (2003), Italian Ophthalmology Society (1980-2000), European Council for Cataract Surgery (1989), ESCRS (1993), EVERS (1995), American Academy of Ophthalmology (1997), EVRS (2000), Board Member of Mediterranean Society (1990), South East European Society of Ophthalmology (2004), Honor member of Romanian Ophthalmology Society (1992) and South East European Society of Ophthalmology (2004).