Mr Sava Halugin

Mr Sava Halugin

  • Corresponding Member of the Vojvodina Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2006.
  • Born in Novi Kneževac, on 17 April 1946.
  • In 1968 he enrolls at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Sculpting, and graduates in 1972.
  • In 1978 he completes his postgraduate studies and receives the title of Master of Fine Arts- Sculpting.
  • He has held more than forty solo exhibitions and approximately three hundred group exhibitions domestically and abroad.
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Areas of Research

Synthesis of the main currents of contemporary European sculpture in a wide scope from Expressionism to Surrealism, in dynamic articulation of all elements of sculptural composition.

Modeling of associative bronze organisms as well as letters symbols of particular associations.

Discovering the quality of language, as well as the essential states of creative being with sculptural forms.

Affirmation of the language of Fine Art as an autonomous fact of creative consciousness, in accordance with the material.

Notable Solo Exhibitions:

  1. 1988, Zagreb, JNA Hall Gallery, Sculptures and Drawings, 21/01 – 05/02
  2. Belgrade, Cultural Centre Gallery, Sculptures, 27/06 -10/07
  3. Sarajevo, ZOI Gallery, Sculptures and Drawings, 24/05 – 04/06
  4. Budapest, “Krudy” Gallery, Sculptures, 27/09 -20/10
  5. 1991, Belgrade, ULUS Gallery, Sculptures and Drawings , 27/03 -13/04
  6. 1992, Novi Sad, Museum of Vojvodina, 01/11 – 30/11
  7. 1995, Paris, Yugoslav Cultural Center, Sculptures and Photography, 04/07 – 01/09
  8. Belgrade, “Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art”, Sculptures and Drawings, 21/09 -19/10
  9. 1998, Budapest, “Budapest Gallery”, Sculptures and Drawings , 14/05 -01/07
  10. 2000, Belgrade, Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion, Sculptures and Drawings, 04/09 -28/09
  11. 2006, Novi Sad, SANU Gallery – Novi Sad venue, “The Venac Cycle” 1975-1985, May.
  12. Notable Group Exhibitions:
  13. 1978, Belgrade, “Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion”, 19th October Salon.
  14. Herceg Novi, “Josip Pepo Benković Gallery”, 12th Winter Salon.
  15. 1980, Ljubljana, “City Art Gallery”, Freelance Fine Art of Vojvodina.
  16. 1981, Paris, “SFRY Cultural Center Gallery”, Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, (L’art Contemporain de Voivodine– Yugoslavie), Vienna, Das Wiener Kunstlerhaus, Kultur der Voivodina.
  17. Murska Sobota, “Cultural Center Murska Sobota”, Biennale of Small Plastics
  18. 1982, Budapest, (Szepmuveszeti Muzeum – Fiatal jugoszlav kepzomuveszek)
  19. Lodz, Krakow, Young Yugoslav Art.
  20. 1984, Sarajevo, “Colegium Artisticum”, Contemporary Yugoslav Art. Dubrovnik, “City Museum”, Contemporary Yugoslav Art.
  21. 1987, Grenoble Crac., Rencontre, Des beaux arts 87-88.
  22. 1988, Cetinje, “Art Museum of Montenegro”, XXII Exhibition of the Cetinje Salon of Yugoslav Fine Art “13 November”.
  23. 1989, Belgrade, “Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion”, Choice89.
  24. 1990, Sombor, “Fine Art Autumn”, Yugoslav Triennial of Contemporary Drawing. 1997, Lima, “Museo Nacional”, SRY Art – graphics, tapestry, photography, poster design.

Other Relevant Information

Notable Awards:

  • 1978, Creative Work Award, ULUS, ULUV, ULUK, Belgrade.
  • 1982, “M. Pijade” Fund Award, SULUJ Exhibition, Belgrade. SIZ/Culture Award. Subotica.
  • 1984, “Jovan Popović” Award, Novi Sad.
  • 1986, Award of the  SIZ/Culture of Vojvodina. The October Award of the City of Subotica.
  • 1988, “Golden Chisel” Award, ULUS Belgrade.
  • 1989, Monetary Prize from the “Yugoslav Biennale of Small Plastics” Exhibition, M. Sobota.
  • 1991, “Studio B” Award, From April to April.
  • 1992, Senta Colony Award “Aquarelle on Tisa”.
  • 1993, “Golden Chisel” Award, ULUS Belgrade.
  • 1994, Monetary Prize, Biennale of Contemporary Yugoslavian Drawing “Fine Art Autumn”, Sombor.
  • 1995, October Salon Award for Sculpture, Belgrade.
  • 1997,  Monetary Prize, 300 years of the Battle of Senta – Sculpture “Horseman”.
  • 2003, Sremska Mitrovica, “Lazar Vozarević” Gallery, First Prize of the Sremska Mitrovica Salon.


Member of the Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina, Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Vojvodina, and the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia.