Academician Miloš Tešić

Academician Miloš Tešić

  • Corresponding Member of the Vojvodina Academy of Arts and Sciences since 2004.
  • Born in Novi Sad, on 22 December 1941. Graduated in 1965, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, obtained his master’s degree in 1974 at the Department of Business Systems Management at the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad. Obtained his doctorate in 1977, at the Faculty of Agriculture, Georg-August University in Göttingen (FR Germany).
  • Full Professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad (retired).
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Areas of Research

He worked at improving and developing machines and procedures for harvesting, finishing, transport, and usage of forage crops and reprocessed feedstock in farming, as well as machines for harvesting and power systems for solar drying of medicinal plants. He developed research and affirmation of the Department for Agricultural Engineering through continuous contact and excellent collaboration with his professional colleagues in Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Germany (Stuttgart, Göttingen, Weihenstephan, Bonn, Potsdam), Budampest, Gödöllou, Prague, Nitra. He has 220 papers published in various journals and scientific and professional conferences, domestic and abroad. In forty papers he is the co-author with his colleagues from Germany. He is the co-author of 7 technical solutions for machines applied in practice. He is the co-author of two approved patents.

Selected Publications

  1. Tešić M. (1977): Das Verdichten unter Nährstoffaufschluss von Futterpflanzen in Matrizenpressen (Compression of Fodder in Martix-presses and Increasing of Nutrition Value), Universität Georg August, Göttingen.
  2. Tešić M., Veselinov B., T. Krmpotić (1985): Evaluation of Maize Straw Harvesting Procedures, Biomasss Round Table Conference, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Academy of Sciences and Arts of Vojvodina and Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Aranđelovac Proceedings, pp 5.
  3. Müller J., Reisinger G., Kišgeci J., Kotta E., Tešić M. and W. Mühlbauer (1989): Development of a Greenhouse-Type Solar Dryer for Medicinal Plants and Herbs, Solar & Wind Technology, 6, 5, 532-530. VANU – GODIŠNJAK 2004
  4. Martinov M., Tešić M., und J. Müller (1992): Erntemachine fuer Kamille (Chamomile Harvester) Landtechnik, 47, 10, 505-507.
  5. Tešić M., Babić M., Martinov M. and J. Sabo (1994): Drying Properties of Hops Layer, International Agrophisics 8, 4, 697-703.
  6. Tešić M.: Principi rada mašina za žetvu travnatih materijala. Univerzitetski udžbenik, Institut za mehanizaciju, Novi Sad, 1984. Predavanja na Tehničkom fakultetu u Novom Sadu Više predmeta iz oblasti Poljoprivredno mašinstvo, na redovnim i poslediplomskim studijama.

Other Relevant Information and Membership

Head of Department for Agricultural Engineering from 1978 until 1999. Director of the Institute for Mechanization (1981-1984). Study visits in France, Italy, China, Poland, Greece and Albania. On behalf of the Reform Democratic Party of Vojvodina, he was a member of the Executive Board of the City Assembly in charge of Traffic and Roads (1995 and 1996). He was a professor at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Science during two semesters in 2001/2002, where he taught the subject of Agricultural Engineering at undergraduate and graduate level. Chairman of the Committee for Mechanical Engineering (1992-1995) and Committee for Agricultural Engineering (2001-2004) of the Teaching and Research Council of the University. Leader of several research and development projects for scientific funds and business organizations, with teams of 5-30 researchers. Founder and active leading member of the Vojvodina and Yugoslav Society of Agricultural Engineering. Editor of the journal “Contemporary Agricultural Engineering” (1991-2003) and the journal “Agricultural Engineering” from its founding in 1995 until 2003. Leader of the Yugoslav team in the German-Yugoslav scientific-research project “Development of systems and processes for solar drying of medicinal plants” (1986-2002) and a TEMPUS project involving universities from 6 different countries (2002-2004). He was among the founders of the Novi Sad and Vojvodina club team. Founder and President of the Alexander von Humboldt – DAAD Club at the University of Novi Sad.