Program of Activities

Academy of Sciences and Arts of Vojvodina being regional, with an ambition to realize itself as Central European, directs its focus towards the system of values of the region, and the surroundings in which it operates, starting with the following basic principles:

    • Globalization is unavoidable in respecting the standards of scientific and technological development, but for the purpose of maintaing the core values of the region, the people, their culture and traditions, as they are in accordance with humanism, in the sense of skepticism of thought, and of tolerance in action.
    • The whole reflects itself in the detail, as much as the detail is part of the wholeness of scientific and artistic vision, and therefore, this transcendence is a constant landmark of our research and values.
    • Vojvodina has a particularity that requires scientific description, explanation and artistic expression, but it is, at the same time, a space that corresponds with other heterogeneous European and world regions, and, therefore, the results of VANU provide bridges for connecting Vojvodina and Serbia with the world, an essential need, especially after the events of the past decades, in this region, and in the wider geographical area.
    • Science and art must not be servants of politics, they should examine the natural, social, economic, professional, cultural, and scientific problems of the environment in which they are active in, and help politics and politicians to better notice and solve the problems of our social community. VANU, in its first four year period, plans to coordinate and, with expanded scientific teams, realize a strategic project of importance to Vojvodina under the common title “Natural and Spiritual Resources of Vojvodina”. This strategic project branches out into several projects which its Social Sciences and Arts Division and the Natural and Technical Sciences Division will coordinate.